One of our most popular services is our Contract-for-Hire, most commonly in the form of a six month contract-for-hire arrangement with no fee upon hire. With this service, we provide our full candidate search and then provide the selected individual on a contract basis for a time period that is stipulated by the client. During this contract period, JDR is fully responsible for the candidate’s W-2 payroll and full benefits. We keep close contact with our clients and contractors to ensure both sides are pleased. After the contract period, it is the client’s decision whether or not to hire the candidate as a full-time employee or just extend the contract, if preferred.

Companies choose the contract-for-hire option for a variety of reasons. One of the many advantages is that this method allows for a “try-before-you-buy” scenario for future hire. The manager can focus more on productivity of the new resource and JDR can continue to provide feedback to the resource on the success of the assignment. If the client chooses not to hire, money and time are saved by not going through an expensive and stressful lay-off situation. We offer “no fee” hires after three, six, nine or twelve months, as well as, early buy-out clauses and/or reduced conversion fee options. Oftentimes, Contract-for-Hire Services are used during times of budget constraints so that companies can bring in another worker without having to add headcount. Therefore, companies can screen and only hire the most productive employees that are already integrated into their business.